Bobby Goff, Jr. is considered an exceptional singer and picker.  His roots run deep in traditional bluegrass music.  Bob's exposure to bluegrass began with his days at Partner's II in the Washington DC area where all the bluegrass greats played music in the 1970's and 1980's.  Bob's dad Bob Goff, Sr. along with Arnold Hobbs hosted the area's hottest bluegrass venue.  Bob has shared the stage with Mac Wiseman, Charlie Moore, Bill Monroe, Tony Rice, Charlie Waller, Bill Emerson, Rickie Simpkins, Emery Lester, Mark Newton, and so many more.   A traditional bluegrass picker with a voice that could calm the 'savage beast".  Golden tones resonate as he shares his style of music with the fans. A great harmony singer that sings all the parts, but it's his lead that sells the songs.

Tim Newcomb - a native of Richmond, Virginia, he is recognized as a "hard driving" banjo player.  His roots run deep in bluegrass with gigs in former bands like Heritage, Michelle Nixon and Drive and Mill Run.  He also does a part-time gig with Bluff City (Jonathan Dillon, Garven Largent, Caleb Cox and Daniel Eppard). Tim's drive is founded in Shelor, Crowe and Scruggs.  You'll never find him not ready for a bluegrass jam. His family Patty and Brandon share him with the music, but love to spend time with him at NASCAR, camping and fishing.  

Billie Sue Goff is a true vocalist.  Deep seeded in classic country music, she began her career in music in Sunday school.  Although her first experience began with her dad, Bill Clark, her true roots are in gospel music.  From the first time she sang "Away in a Manger" at Newville Baptist Church as a six year old girl, she loved  sharing her love for music.  A strong Patsy Cline influenced singer, Billie's love for bluegrass she attributes to her Dad.  Billie's voice has a  soulful sound, but still a true songstress that can sing tenor, lead and baritone.

Mill Run Bluegrass Band

Wayne Lanham -from Manasass, Virginia originally, and currently resides in the Shenandoah Valley. He started singing and playing mandolin as a teen and has since developed his own clean, fluid style of picking.Wayne joins Mill Run as the fiddle player but plays guitar as well. An outstanding singer, writer and arranger, Wayne is able to sing all the harmony and lead vocal parts equally well. He performed and recorded with several top bluegrass artists including Sweet Dixie Band, Patient Pending and now Mill Run.

Ty Molleen is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia, he has played guitar since 1979.  Influenced by Tony Rice, Doc Watson, and David Radcliff in his picking style, Ty loves picking and singing.  He has performed with local Virginia and North Carolina bands throughout his career as a musician - East Virginia, Code Blue, and Mo and the Grass.  A former Marine, he is a family man who contributes his love of bluegrass to his dad, and his faith to a strong family influence.  Ty has been with Mill Run for just over a year and ¬≠because of his musicianship he has helped Mill Run expand the quality of the music and has brought their sound to a new level.

Corey Rackley - Native of Prince George county, Virginia, Corey has played with several Virginia bluegrass bands including East River, Legacy, Northridge,Timber Creek, Virginia Blue and a member of Mill Run for the past 7 year. Corey's inspirations include his father- Woody, Vince Gill, Tony Rice, Alan Bibey, Dan Tyminski, and J.D. Crowe just to name a few. Corey plays a 1995 Gibson Flatiron and also endorses Haynes Mandolins. When not playing music, Corey enjoys fishing, golf, softball and spending time with his family.  He and his wife Courtney have two great kids Noah and Harper. Their hearts are grounded in their faith.